Launching VIFUCO’s fast winch frame machine


I. Product name:

A fast-speed winch (also known as a high-speed winch) is a type of industrial equipment used to lift and move heavy items, often in construction environments, construction sites, seaports, or applications involving lifting and transporting large goods.

The strength of a fast-speed winch is its ability to lift and move items at a faster speed than traditional winches. This helps increase efficiency and save time on projects that require lifting large amounts of heavy material. High-speed winches are often equipped with powerful engines and high-quality cable systems to ensure safety and stability during operation.

In addition, high-speed winch machines are often controlled by electronic control systems, allowing operators to control and adjust lifting and moving speeds accurately and safely.

II. Design:


Fast speed winch machine (TTN150)

III. Specifications:


Fast speed winch machine (TTN150)

Motor3.0 kw/220v
Load (Kg)150
Cable (m)40
Weight (Kg)68

IV. Information please contact:

Winch frame machines are officially present at the distribution systems of VIFUCO nationwide. To order or find out information about products, please contact us via:

  • ☎️ 0274.3753.702
  • ? Hotline 090.869.2892
  • ?

VIFUCO admin | 15-9-2023

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