FV∅ 45 Concrete vibrating

Concrete vibrator is a kind of construction machine that does concrete compaction work; thanks to the vibration force of the motor, it helps the concrete mix to become solid, quickly drain and harden to increase the quality of the concrete block.

In construction, when designing concrete block details such as columns, walls, sewer pipes, bridge girders, etc., it is necessary to pour concrete mixture into existing molds; after hardening, the mold will be removed and the required concrete block will be obtained. At that time, other types of concrete compactors, especially common such as hammer compactors, will not be effective in compacting concrete. At this time, we need to use a vibrator to do the work of compacting concrete.

The structure of the concrete vibrator consists of the following main parts:

  1. Machine case,
  2. Eccentric block,
  3. Roto,
  4. Wire,
  5. Rotary,
  6. Bearing.

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FV∅ 45

Vibration head (mm)45 x 500
Vibration10.000 x 12.000
Amplitude (mm)2
Flexible shaft diameter (mm)∅ 10 – 12 x 5000 / 6000
Hose diameter (mm)∅ 30 x 5000 / 6000
Gasoline engine (hp) 3.600 r.p.m5,5
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