KC12 concrete cutter

VIFUCO Concrete cutters is a specialized machinery and equipment used in the construction industry to cut concrete blocks for roads, foundations, floors and yards. The structure of the machine is relatively simple, including only 03 main parts (engine – chassis – blade) making the operation of the machine easy and convenient without requirement complicated technical manipulations.

The machine helps to increase working efficiency, save effort, and reduce costs. Thanks to the concrete road cutter, solid concrete and cement surfaces are easily broken easily, precisely as expected without having to break apart. With the ability to cut thick concrete blocks with high hardness to help liberate labor while saving labor costs and speeding up the construction progress, the machine gradually becomes one of the indispensable construction machinery in construction projects in Vietnam today and also exported to many countries.

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Dimensions (mm)1020 x 520 x 970
Max cutting depth (mm)50 – 80
Blade size (inch/cm)10” x 12” (250-305)
Arbor size (mm)27
Water tank (l)20
Gasolone engine (hp) 3.600 r.p.m5.5 – 6.5
Weight (kg)108
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