Hydraulic bending machine (MU25)

Hydraulic bending machine is a device used to bend and shape metal materials, by using hydraulic force to bend and force the materials into bending dies. Hydraulic bending machines are commonly used in the metal and construction industries.

Here are the 4 main strengths of hydraulic bending machines in construction:

1. High precision: High precision hydraulic bending machine, which helps to ensure that the steel bars are bent exactly according to the specifications,

2. Help save time and costs.

3. In addition, the hydraulic bending machine can also bend metal materials that are very thick and difficult to bend by hand, increasing efficiency and reducing labor,

4. Compared with double-head hydraulic bending cutter (MCU25), this machine is smaller in size and more economical.

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Bending capacity (mm)6 – 25
Power (kw)3
Voltage (V)220
Weight (Kg)88
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