VIFUCO achieved certification as a trusted website

Chung chi

In March 2022, VIFUCO was honored to receive a cyber credit certificate from the Information Security Department of the National Cybersecurity Monitoring Center for achieving the following criteria:

  • Collection of personal information: The website only collects personal information after the consent of the customer
  • Storage and use of personal information: Comply with the storage of personal information of users
  • Protection of personal information: The website has policies and technical measures to protect the information collected
  • Handling arising problems: The website has policies and measures to handle arising problems
  • Privacy Policy: The website has a policy to protect users’ personal information
  • Use a valid SSL/TLS certificate: User data accessing the Website is encrypted and secure
  • Does not contain malicious links: Does not contain any malicious links, malicious code that harms users when accessing the Website
  • Not on the blacklist: The website’s domain is not on any of the blacklists of reputable ranking organizations in the world.
  • No signs of online fraud detected: The website has no signs of online phishing content. You can safely provide information when using the services of this Website
  • Not belonging to ghost computer networks: Not detecting information about Website IP addresses belonging to ghost computer networks (Botnets) or having abnormal connections to malicious control servers (C&C Servers)

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