VIFUCO officially launched swing winch 500



With the motto “The trusted address of quality and efficiency”, on October 22, 2022, Vinh Phu Co., Ltd (VIFUCO) officially contributed to the market of construction equipment with a new product, which is the construction equipment market, swing winch 500. With the presence of high-quality swing winch, VIFUCO once again shows its determination in diversifying products to give customers more choices of quality construction equipment.


I. Product Name: Swing winch 500

II. Design:


Swing winch - VIFUCO

III. Specifications:


Product’s name

Swing winch 500

Lift rod length (mm)2200
Lifting boom height (mm)2450
Lifting cable length (m)40
Ability to rotate360°

IV. Evaluation:

Previously, the lifting and unloading of goods required a large number of workers, if with the number and frequency of vehicles at the ports, it took a lot of time and effort with human power. With the support of machinery and equipment, especially the rotating crane frame, the transportation of lifting and unloading goods becomes easy and convenient, saving time as well as human effort.

Swing winch frames come in many sizes but the most popular is 500KG. With a smart design that can be rotated 360 degrees flexibly ,VIFUCO’s swing winch 500 is expected to make lifting and moving heavy objects easier.

V. Information please contact:

Currently, Swing winch 500 was officially present at the distribution systems of VIFUCO nationwide. To order or find out information about products, please contact us via:

  • ☎️ 0274.3753.702
  • ? Hotline 090.869.2892
  • ?


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